Research seminar History Central Asia, International relations

Central Asia’s states in a real state: questions and methods


Stéphane Dudoignon

directeur de recherche au CNRS (CETOBaC)

carole Ferret

Chargée de recherche au CNRS (LAS)

Julien Thorez

chargé de recherche au CNRS (Mondes iranien et indien)

This crosscutting seminar brings together social sciences researchers on modern and contemporary Central Asia in structured sessions with two speakers per session. First, one of the seminar leaders will give a general introduction to the state of knowledge and research in a particular discipline (geography, history, economics, sociology, social anthropology, social sciences of religion, politics), with a thematic bibliography. The second speaker will give a paper on current research selected for its topic, disciplinary approach and the novelty of its contribution to knowledge of the region.

The seminar’s guest speakers come from various European and Central Asian research teams working in the social sciences, and this provides an update of current research on Central Asia across a wide range of themes and disciplines from a variety of schools and traditions. It is an opportunity for advanced PhD students to present aspects of their work they wish to have discussed. It also provides a roundup of current scholarly events concerning Central Asia (other seminars, conferences, calls for papers, calls for projects, etc.). The seminar is open to all researchers working on Central Asia in the broadest geographical sense, master’s students and researchers into other cultural areas.