Research at Cercec is organized
in five major themes around
which collective projects are formed.

Our research themes
for 2019-2023


Fronts and frontiers of Empire (16th-21st centuries)

This field concerns the frontiers of the Russian and Soviet Empire, involving a cross-border and comparative dimension with respect to rival neighbouring empires. A major research theme is the construction and use of interlinking knowledge: religious, military, diplomatic, ethnographic and administrative.

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Actions and norms. Social and economic practices from the 17th century to the present day

The research programme of this theme focuses on social dynamics—strategies, negotiations and capacities for action of groups and individuals, mediated by administrative, legal and normative structures—over a period of four centuries and a region extending from Central and Eastern Europe to Central Asia, including Russia.

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Science and technology in the arts of government

The aim of this research theme is to consider science, technology and knowledge policy so as to re-examine the peculiar arts of government and expressions of domination in the Soviet and post-Soviet world.

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Violence and criminal justice in societies undergoing major change (20th-21st centuries)

Research under this theme studies the reshaping of relations between states and societies in countries that have undergone violent upheavals, mainly armed conflict, and police repression or radical economic change.

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Creation, dissemination and reception of cultural goods in the Imperial, Soviet and post-Soviet worlds

This research theme examines the conditions of creation, dissemination and reception of visual, sound and literary arts and cultures during the Imperial, Soviet and post-Soviet periods.

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