Master’s course in
social sciences (speciality history)

This course run by the Centre for Russian, Caucasian and Central European Studies (CERCEC) is the only one of its kind in France to offer students interested in the vast cultural area of the Russian Empire, ex-USSR and Eastern European countries in its zone of influence a consistent, systematic, multidisciplinary curriculum that is history-centred without excluding disciplines (politics, sociology, geography, anthropology) focusing more on the contemporary world.

The teaching will enable you to familiarise yourself with the entire “Russian field” within the stimulating environment of the EHESS and a research centre close to current developments on the ground and in historiography, with its own resources (text and image libraries) alongside numerous researchers from outside France who ensure an openness to international scholarship.

You must be fluent in one of the region’s languages to follow the course. However, you may register for the first year of the master’s course while still only a beginner in Russian or one of the languages of the Caucasus, Central Asia or Central and Eastern Europe.

If you are a student in humanities or social sciences with a first degree or first year of a master’s, from Sciences Po, or regional IEPs, whether already specialising in this part of the world or interested in discovering it, you may apply directly for the EHESS master’s in social sciences, speciality History of the Russian, Caucasian, Central Asian and Central European worlds, and be interviewed by course leaders.

Juliette Cadiot (
Isabelle Ohayon (

Text library (librarians: Krystyna Frank and Dimitri Gouzevitch)

Image library (librarian: Marie-Hélène Mandrillon) – 105 Boulevard Raspail – 75006 PARIS –

Research journals: Revue d’Études Comparatives Est-Ouest, Cahiers du Monde russe, Cahiers d’Asie centrale

Critical bibliography journal: Central Eurasian Reader  (ed. Stéphane Dudoignon, CNRS, CETOBAC)

Intranet – access to EHESS online subscriptions (JStor, Cairn, etc.)

Bibliographies available on seminar pages on the EHESS digital work environment (