Research seminar History Russia, International relations, Caucasus

The Caucasus torn between empires (16th-21st centuries): impact of regional ambitions and imperial practices on the peoples, states and societies of the Caucasus

This seminar addresses the question of nationalities and the theme of empires from a comparative, multidisciplinary and transnational perspective, going beyond centralist and mono-ethnic approaches. Talks by EU officials and guest specialists. Long-term studies of the effects of struggles for influence and the various imperial government practices on the nations of the Caucasus (exacerbation of nationalisms and intra-Caucasus conflicts, transformation of traditional societies, repression, etc.). Comparison between nationality policies.

Comparisons will be made between the visions of the various imperial centres (Russian, Ottoman, Iranian and successor states) and those of neighbouring states, examining the circulation of people and ideas, the role and place of Caucasians in the three empires, cultural transfers and reciprocal political influences, representations, etc.

Room allocation 2018/19. 15 November: AS1-24; 29 November: AS1-24; 6 December: AS1-23; 20 December: AS1-23; 17 January: AS1-23; 31 January: AS1-24; 7 February: AS1-23; 21 February: AS06-51; 7 March: AS1-23; 21 March: AS1-23; 4 April: AS1-08; 18 April: A06-51; 16 May: AS1-08; 6 June: AS1-08.