Master's seminar History Russia

Initiation into the history of Russia, from its origins to 1905

This seminar is an introduction into the long history of Russia, addressed thematically. The first six sessions are devoted to the medieval and modern period (8th-18th centuries), the last six to the 19th century. We examine the following topics: territorial expansion and control of land; Christianisation; political regimes and institutions (Kievan Rus’, Mongol domination, Muscovy, Russian Empire); monarchs (Ivan IV, Peter the Great, Catherine II); social groups and economy (town and countryside); social groups and service (Court, army, administration, Church); institutions and judicial life; economic and social transformation in the 19th century; government and political life, reforms and revolution until 1905; use made of history from the 19th century to the present.

Master 1 and Master 2 students must, before each session, consult one or more chapters of books uploaded to the ENT (digital environment). A ten-page essay is required for end of semester course credit.