Workshop History, Sociology Russia, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Political science

CERCEC and CETOBaC PhD student workshops


Elif Becan

Doctorante au CETOBaC

Gabriel Doyle

Doctorant au CETOBaC

Kristina Kovalskaya

Doctorante au CETOBaC

The workshop of current research by PhD students and recent doctorate-holders at CETOBaC and CERCEC is designed to be a welcoming yet critical forum of research and exchange for PhD students, recent holders and other researchers from these centres. The seminar is devoted to research on Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and also the Ottoman Empire and the USSR. It is multidisciplinary and open to anthropologists, sociologists and other social sciences researchers.

The aim of the seminar is to create a workshop to discuss the form and content of current research among aspiring and recent PhDs. The workshop will receive two PhD students or researchers per session. In practice there are two forms of participation: written and oral. Either the participant proposes a text (chapter from an ongoing dissertation, article draft, or the like) with no oral presentation, or the participant presents their current research for 30 minutes without supplying a text in advance. The workshop is also open to any PhD students and other researchers from other research centres who wish to attend.